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i am new to 3d overall and try different tools to find a workflow that fit my work. the goal is to visualize products and industrial scenes, no animations needed. so i go thru modeling with success in blender, i like it how it works but the next step in painting i moved into a wall. the workflow and how material and panting is created in blender make me nuts. no progress in weeks of free time i used.

so algorithmic painter looks promising to me when i view videos on youtube. im testing the demo. i would like to use it in high resolution like prints. i am aware that painter max texture is 4k.

so here is my first question about painter: e.g. to paint a car like wheels, doors, lamps i don’t want to combine all UVs in one texture with 4k. when i import  3 objects from blender (obj or fbx) i see all 3 UVs layered together in painter. can i separate it to paint it separately but to see them together to use every object with the full resolution? like wheels 4k texture, body 4k texture, doors 4k….?

after that i would like to export these texture to use it in cycles or other render engines like marmoset.

thank you

yes dude, you can create Textures Sets (doors, wheels, glass etc) after that you can paint and preview each set in 4k. to do that, in blender, on export assign different materials to each element you want to be separate in SP, thats all.
as for exporting textures in SP, just hit export, and pick channels you want to be exported :P

thank you man, thats what i need!