Author Topic: Automatic save to file once Iray is "Done"  (Read 185 times)

Hi. I am using Iray to make 8k images for print. Each image takes about an hour. Sometimes the render restarts when I re-select the interface once I come back to check on the render. Is there a way to automatically save to file once the render is done? That way I can avoid restarting all over again the image and wait another hour.

I would also like to batch render other imported cameras I imported into my scene through the scene file. I imagine that is out of the question.

If none of the above is possible. How can I get access to the SDK to program this and more functionality? I need this to make my team more efficient in their workflow.


Unfortunately we don't have the ability to automate this part of the process yet.
The Substance Painter scripting APi nor the Substance SDK allows you to control iray at the moment.