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Im interested in a perpetual license for Substance Painter. I've read that it's possible to own perpetual licenses for the full package ( Assuming Painter, Designer, B2M?) if you subscribe for atleast 12 months + the additional 49 dollar fee.

Alchemist is still in development, but is eventually going to replace B2M. Will Alchemist be included if I decide to go with the subscription option instead?

Also, how does the update maintenance work if I decide to buy the full package license after 12 months? Do I have to pay 75 dollar per program or does this update the full package?

Thanks in advance.

Alchemist will be included in the sub.
After you convert your sub to perpetual licenses, the cost for a year maintenance to get free updates is $75/product/year.

Thanks for the response.

Will Alchemist also be a part of the perpetual license package that you can buy after 12 months?