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Hello, long time user of Substance products -

Been having a lot of crashes on Substance Painter with the latest version just doing very regular functions. These things never caused crashes before. Things like adding a mask, toggling texture channels, and even just changing perspective in the camera viewport are all causing Painter to lock up and stop responding.

My hardware hasn't change in the years I've been using, and I'm using the latest nVidia drivers. No changes to antivirus, I'm not using memory trimmers, nothing has changed except this latest version of Painter.

There's no log to upload because there's no prompt to retrieve one when it crashes and I reboot the program.


Thank you for reaching out to us!
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Thank you Daf57 - would me posting the log here (after a crash) be helpful?

I'm gonna go ahead and just link a log from right after a crash

I notice that this seems to happen when the program is generating thumbnails, but also seems to happen doing simple things like adding a mask, anchor, toggling channels, switching projection modes, or even just straight up in the middle of painting.

I did increase the cache budget from 500 to 1000 and so I have noticed this seems to be helping - I don't know if this was directly the issue or not. Things seem to load faster, and there are fewer crashes, but crashes do still happen.

EDIT: This happens 100% of the time changing to certain texture sets, so if I go from the UVs of the head to the UVs of the clothing, for example. If I have to change UV sets, I save the file and restart Painter, and before any changes are done I switch to the UV set I want to modify and begin the work.
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Can you try the step by step guide described here and see if it improves your stability ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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