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I have just bought a license for the Indie pack which I'll be using with Modo 801 - more on this later - but at the checkout page after returning from PayPal, I get this message stating that, quote :

' We have not been able to find a valid license for the product you bought. Please contact the site administrator. '

Must say this comes as a bit of a shock, and I don't know what to do with it or how to interpret it.

Second : I can download the apps and the substances from my account, but painter has no .exe or whatever attached to it and is saved as 'all files' , making it, my guess, unuseable.

This is not exactly a good start gentlemen.

THird : In another thread here it is said that the Modo (bridge) plugin can be downloaded fro the account page.
I see none.

This is not that urgent as I intend to start learning the app and install that plugin when out of beta - I think the hrudle to take learning the soft is enough for me and will leave beta-ing to the experienced users - but I do would like to know where to find it.


The error message is actually harmless, your licences are created and you can find them on My Account.
Regarding the Substance Painter download: Firefox removes the extensions of the files which have a space in the name (such as Substance Painter), so you just need to add .exe (or .pkg if you are on Mac) to the file called "substance" that you downloaded.

Regarding the modo plugin:
- The modo 701 plugin can be downloaded from the Luxology account page, and it will be the case as well for 801 when it goes out of beta.
- If you want it for modo 801, here is the beta version:

Head of Product Management

OK, and thanks for your answer.
Problems solved.

One question though: why not ask the webdesigner to remove that line? It *is* an unexpected shock.