Author Topic: Normal & height in above layer not overriding normal & height below.  (Read 191 times)

I will let the image do the posting.

Here are my layer settings.

I have set the blend mode in Normal and Height channels for the above two layers to 'Norm' even set the Normal Mixing to 'Replace' but it does not work out.

Not sure if this helps but, the 2 bottom layers used a non-smart material called Plastic Grainy, the difference between them is that the bottom most has height enabled and the base colours are different.  Here are the settings for Plastic Grainy:
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If the bottom layer has its height active, you need to replace that height on the top layer, set the height blending mode to Replace.

k I figure out what I did wrong.

I did not enable height and normal on these top layers.  That is why no matter if I set my Normal and Height blending mode to replace or normal the normal and height from below blends with those two layers
Knowledge is power that is meant to be distributed.