Author Topic: When Maintenance ends > revert to original version or keep current?  (Read 1581 times)

I have a question before I pull the trigger on this. I'm currently 3 months into the 9.99/mo upgrade from a previous version, and for my current usage/accumulated source credits, it might be cheaper for me to cancel and go with the $75 maintenance.

My current perpetual license for painter is for version 2017.4.2. If I choose the $75 maintenance for 1 year, let's assume without a 2nd year's renewal, will my 2017.4.2 revert back to the original version, or will it remain whatever version it is after the 1 year maintenance and retain all usability?
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It will remain the latest version at the end of your maintenance period.
Note that the $75 maintenance is only available if you already have a perpetual license of the tool. The maintenance also only covers 1 tool (either Designer or painter) when the sub gives you access to all the tools.


Yes, I have 2 year old perpetual versions of all software, which are separate from my current sub licenses, and I don't use designer. For my case, the maintenance is the cheaper option.