Author Topic: Shape Splatter output is always black (2018.4)  (Read 1574 times)

I am facing an unfortunate issue: Shape Splatter output is always black no matter what I feed into it.

OK, confirmed this is a problem caused by rendering engine, OpenGL 3.x is black, but SSE 2 is fine.

The unfortunate drawback of using SSE2 (CPU) for rendering is that Shape Splatter node is very slow: 2s+ for a simple 512x512 map on my 2.7 GHz i5...

Not sure if this is the case for users on decent GPU.


But I wonder if there is a workaround for my specific case: I just want to color my rocks using position data, like below, is it a way to do this if I generate these rocks through Tile Sampler?

Discovered a simple trick to do this with Tile Sampler output:

Edge Detect -> Flood Fill -> Distance

Have you tried updating your gpu drivers? Or maybe even revert a version instead if this problem started just after the last time you updated.

That's a clever work-around by the way. Before shape splatter existed there wasn't really a 'clean' way of coloring overlapping shapes. It's pretty cool that flood fill can be used as a strong alternative.

@bitinn What are your computer specs ?
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