Author Topic: Some sort of GUI or better tutorialization of the product.  (Read 21590 times)

It is mostly out of necessity and the fact that I am an artist that could benefit from this tool, but I don't really know where to begin putting together a script to process my work. I have some coding experience, but it is just overwhelming when I get the product and don't know how to deal with it. If anyone has a good resource for learning the basics and progressing then I am all for it, but with the research, I have done, I can't efficiently learn and implement this into my work.

Thank You.

I agree with your statement about it taking a lot of effort to figure out where to get started and it does involve digging through the source code to figure some things out, as the documentation isn't always clear.
Additional examples and tutorials would definitely benefit SAT.

What are you struggling with exactly? Feel free to ask questions here.

There used to be a tutorial section on the oculus site ( that then moved to their youtube(, but I totally agree a more easily accessible way for new users would be awesome. The tutorial tab in-app is kind of an empty husk right now..