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I am just starting out. But are these Preset included in the files because i can't seem to find the different pre sets but i also don't understand the program at all. Still tho.

For example wet paint has Pre set 1 and Pre set 2. I don't like the rain drops in Preset 2 which it what it defaults too but i can't understand how to change it to the pre set 1 look. This goes for all of the materials i have bought. I gave up trying to figure it out on my own i need help understanding this.

Hi @menizzi

Could you please let me know where you use the materials from Substance Source? Is it directly in Painter, do you export your maps from Substance Player, do you use them in an integration?
So I can make sure I give you the solution that answers your questions
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i just export the maps to keyshot. There is so much going on i use the default file but i can not find how to change these "pre sets"

When exporting maps from the Substance Player, you can see your material in the 3D view, 2D view etc and there is a "Parameters" tab.
There, you can modify a lot of parameters. For this material for example you can change the output size of course, but also the water density, color, scale of the water drops etc.
To remove the water drops from the default preset please put the "Water density" parameter to 0, as shown on the following image.

To use the presets in the Substance Player there is a "Presets" button next to the name of the material on the Parameters tab.
As shown on the following image, you can choose the preset you want to use, and you can keep customizing said presets with the parameters.

Please let me know if that answered your question!
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I was trying to do that in designer. That solved all of my problems. Thank you