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Hi there,
I have been testing out an animated substance in Maya 2019.1 for a animation project, which is in turn being rendered by Redshift. ( I am currently on a trial of Redshift ). I have been following along a tutorial for a lava flow in substance designer.

When I initially bring the substance into Maya I can set it up fine, I then preview render the through the Redshift renderer window no issues.  I cannot preview my animated changes this way... But I can batch render and the files come through animated fine.

The main issue is when I reopen the file / get another person on our network to open it the file can no longer access the substance node in the hypershade, it brings up no properties and nothing in the attributes editor separately.  Try restarting that doesn't work either.  And other times it completely crashes Maya. Its very hit and miss. I also make sure the .sbsar and working sbs file is available on our network also. 

Maybe this workflow is not meant to be? :(

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To me, it looks like the Attribute Editor code for the plugin has crashed in some manner. I don't know exactly what will have caused this. In your screenshots, it looks like the outputs have been rendered, but the interface is completely inaccessible.

To fix some of these issues, we're finishing up the 2.0.0 release of the plugin. Because of this, the 1.4.1 release will be the final version of that plugin before it is retired. We have a discord channel for the 2.0.0 beta that you can find the link to on our website here:

We can give you access to that plugin if you ping either Wes or I on the Discord.

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