Author Topic: support of pixel and vector brushes, transform gizmo like in Photoshop  (Read 13442 times)

I saw a few of Alchemist videos and had to say it's not my piece of cake. I see same issue I have with SPainter: lots of puzzling sliders I have no idea  how they would work internally so getting zero feeling of what to expect from them and which you usually tweak to death and it's still not what you wanted  and overall too confusing interface.  Too hard to  tweak  subtle nuances  it's often necessary.   Not enough of control.    Turning into a typical  SP "style" you instantly sense once you see an asset.

   While in SD it's also not as simple and obvious as it might be without all those exposure and hidden functions  but still more controllable.   

 So I would just want a set of normal vector and pixel brushes, same as in SPainter  and  better as in Corel Painter  which would open you a new true art side of things.  Yeah, In SD I feel myself as  a robot sometimes.

Surprisingly SD had a few super basic pixel brushes a while ago. I miss them .   Another thing is the transform gizmo. SD is a champion in having most inconvenient one ever made.   Please look at Affinity Photo where you could scale things around a  exactly placed center of transform. Same in Photoshop etc

Would love to be able to pick certain "layers" or parts of the graph with a picker from a screen  like in every normal image editor and quickly check them on and off.

ps. Or maybe  SD could be just a live filter with nodes and access to layers in Photoshop.  Well, since  it's same company now
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