Author Topic: Corrupt files when exporting  (Read 531 times)

Firstly, sorry I am a total beginner so not even sure what to call the error or the files I've exported using Alchemist.

I've inputted an image and turned it into a repeat texture and while I was working part of the image turned bright green. It then disappeared but seems like it affected my file because when I exported the file, the base colour looks alright but my normal map is completely black and the roughness map looks really weird as well.

I have managed to make similar textures before using the same workflow so not sure what happened here. Does anyone have any idea of where to find the root of this issue?

Thanks in advance.

the green flashing in general sounds like possible memory issue on your GPU, maybe driver.

the fact that your exported files have saved that state maybe due to it writing the files at that moment of the error

you could maybe force the layer stack to refresh and re calculate everything  by switching work flows between metallic and diffuse and back, though that may just just create two different files based on it and not actually write a fresh one.

if you come across this again, i highly recommend  uploading a log of the  session by clicking the (i) in the top right corner of the application.

i know this doesn't help much, hopefully a dev will see this soon.

Thank you for your reply!

I re-opened the file in the updated version of Alchemist and the file just shows up black. So it seems like it's damaged beyond repair. I'll try what you suggested with making the software refresh the calculations next time it happens and send a log file.