Author Topic: Am I approaching this all wrong? general question about painter  (Read 580 times)

 I have a little personal project I've been working on to get my general 3d skills up.
It's an extruded shape which I have added a Substance Designer shader with a height map, but the pattern is of course repeating and looks unnatural.
So my question is, would painter be a better approach?
I've not used painter yet, can you paint directly onto a mesh to give a more natural, random look?
If so I'll start working through the tutorials.

Any feedback would be great,


sorry should of posted in the painter forum :-[

Texture paint doesn’t change the UV mapping but does change the UV mapped image.

You can have multiple UV mappings (see “Mesh” panel in “Editing” buttons, press the “New” button beside where it says “UV Texture”), or use the same UV mapping with multiple image textures using different images.

Also if you plan to do much texture painting you may wish to look for a build of the new projection paint branch.

You can see the example on Fb2Mate if you want to.