Author Topic: This is serious: masks not working.  (Read 190 times)


I have a big problem with several files, where the masks become crazy, wheter I used color selection and/or polygon fill to define them. I have to reselect colors, or delete polygons and paint them again over and over, and when finally it seems to work, the exported texture is wrong anyway. This is a rectangular texture as example, but happens on square textures as well.
This is what I (finally!) get in the project:

And this is the exported texture:

I have found several threads related:,27729.msg108429/highlight,masks.html#msg108429,28836.msg112019/highlight,masks.html#msg112019,27591.msg107884/highlight,polygon+fill.html#msg107884

Disabling "Hardware support acceleration" makes no difference for me.  I'm using 2018.3.1

Please, some help, because at this point SP is becoming useless for me (and probably for other people too).

Can you attach a log file ?
Can you give a try at Substance Painter 2019.1 as well (even in trial mode) ? It looks like an issue we already fixed.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Froyok aka Fabrice Piquet, Technical Artist and Product Designer at Allegorithmic.

I installed 2019.1.2 and so far so good (with and without "Hardware support acceleration" enabled).

Thanks a lot to all your team for your hard work!