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I just post this topic on the forum because despite the diversity of materials on source, I think you, allegorithmic, you missed the point. Yes, it's true that if I want, I can download and use a man's 60-man elbow-skin textures or the texture of a very specialized fabric insulator found on the ISS but in the end I do not think this is really useful to the majority of painter users unlike textures and basic tools.

I would like to know if in the future, you intend to diversify the content of substance source such as having tools, textures or basic alphas like a "brush" of blood that uses your particle brush, or a basic hair texture for example? (This feature of the particle brush has been shown but I do not know how to set it correctly or download presets for this tool)

Because in the end, yes it is a beautiful software that you propose but you show through your communication what we can do in substance painter when we are a professional in the industrie and we have all the skills and not how we can do this while considering the economic model,where  I think that the majority of people using the software are independents.

Do you intend to diversify the offer of your library (substance source) ?


Hi Benjamin,

We cater to a lot of different industries, and inside those industries to a lot of different specialities and universes.
We try to add materials which are needed by everyone, and as a collection can not be used by 100% of our users we try to vary the production so everyone has the materials they need. This is why we sometimes release materials which are very specific, such as the release of skin materials which are very useful for character artists among others.

A large part of our users also uses Substance Source materials to create their own from a base or by using only one part of a material, or to learn how they are made by opening the sbs file in Substance Designer.
If the exact material of thermal insulation panel might not be useful for you, maybe the ways the seams are made, the ways electric wires are added or the cut in the fabric could be useful to you and to many other people. A lot of elements can be extracted and reused from all of our materials to create new ones which cater exactly to your needs. That can be done with Substance Designer, but you can now create and modify your own materials very easily with Substance Alchemist.

The Substance Painter team often adds new brushes and tools in their shelf, and they are added directly to the tool so all the people who have an up to date Substance Painter licence can get them directly, and not only the people with a Substance subscription.
PO @ Allegorithmic