Author Topic: UDIM - tiles not on 0,0 don't bake properly and are unusable  (Read 1484 times)

I did everything correctly afaik, exported out of 3dsmax an fbx with uv tiles.
In painter, they are recognized but, when I bake, the texture sets that are not on 0,0 tile (the basic one) don't bake properly and come out black or very dark and are unusable. It seems they use the mesh that is on tile 0,0 for baking or the like.
Did I forget something?
Thank you.

Did you check the option to convert the UV tiles into Texture sets when you create your Painter project?


Are you baking using a cage file? Those are not compatible with UDIMs at this point.

No cage, just the default options (and udim per texture set checked)