Author Topic: Missing Baking Features and Issues  (Read 51 times)


Baking in Painter is fantastic but its missing some key features along with some long standing issues.
Im aware that some of these can be sorted in Designer, but if so why are they not in Painter?

1. Skew map - Or some sort of solution that allows for combining averaged and non averaged bakes within Painter, without having to export and reimport textures.

2. Preview of bake progress - Even tho AO's bake quite fast it would make sense to show the baking progress so that as little time as possible is wasted, which leads to my next point...

3. Proper Baking Cancelling - Right now the Abort button does not abort the current bake.

4. Proper Curvature map baking - Right now the curvature is generated from the Normal Map which leaves artifacts and gaps. Since a lot of smart materials are driven by curvature maps it would make sense to make them as clean as possible.

5. Proper Solution for light leaks in AO's - Currently if two meshes intersecting they will leave a white area in the AO rather than fill it with black. This leads to white ring artifacts in AO maps. Unchecking "Ignore backface" option doesnt work and it also leads to floaters casting shadows.

Are solutions for any of these in development?