Author Topic: Preferred workflow for multiple variations from multiple points of views  (Read 130 times)

I'd like to ask the opinion of staff and users regarding the best workflow for this task. I need multiple viewport renders from different points of views (animated .fbx camera) while the material's parameters change every x frames.

I tried first to use Houdini (my main tool) but first, I cannot seem to animate the substance exposed parameters, and second it is too slow.

Now I am looking into using the Automation Toolkit, but I am not sure there is a way to set viewport point of views from .fbx camera.

Should I try Unity? Does Substance allow parameter key-framing there?

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Substance Designer does not have a keyframe system. However you should be able to animate the Substance parameters from the integration. I'm not sure the Houdini's integration allows that, but Maya does.

The integration Sub forum might be a better place to ask for information!
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