Author Topic: shape splatter just shows black?  (Read 578 times)


There are two Library folders, this is the one into Users->[User_name] (then Library->Applications Support->Allegorithmic->Substance Designer)

And yes, other 'simple' nodes work fine but this one needs lot of resources to compute and it seems low/mid end graphic don't have enough capacity to handle it. This is the same for the shape extrude node.
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I am looking to get a new mac which should resolve this problem but am not sure what is considered a " mid/low end graphic card" that you  mentioned previously. i currently have a Intel HD Graphics 5300 crd but this clearly is insufficient. I am wondering if any of the integrated graphics cards are sufficient. Will these work for example?

Intel UHD Graphics 617, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, or Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655