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Why does Designer constantly transfer data over the internet? This seems really strange for an image editing software.

If it is some type of anti-piracy measure, then does it really need to send it constantly? At the very least, it should only do it while the app is in focus. Wouldn't such people would block it from accessing the network anyway?

I love this software, and will continue to use it, despite problems like this. But I really wish the top level guys would stop suffering the people who pay to fight the people who don't.
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No we don't transfer data for anything related to piracy.

The transfer you see are probably some analytic data: we gather statistics from users, it helps us having a clearer and global view on the software usage. If you wish to disable it, go to the preferences/General and uncheck the option in the "Privacy" group.
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Unfortunately, that's not the case. I've had that option disabled since I installed.

Whatever it is sending seems to be rather large. It outweighs everything else I have running, including playing Street Fighter online. Here is a snap of a few seconds of logging. This is with the privacy option disabled, and Designer in the background.

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