Author Topic: First Bake - Artifacts in curvature and worldspace normal  (Read 4351 times)


I'm learning Substance from scratch and I'm just starting the lantern tutorial.  The files at the top of this tutorial wouldn't download for me (kept stopping at 103mb), but I found a version of the mesh on Sketchfab and downloaded that, and I created a "material ID" version in 3ds Max by assigning a multi-material and Material ID's to the relevant groups. 

I've attached some images with artifacts that I'm getting in the curvature map and the world space normal map.  It looks like the baked texture is low-res, but I'm using 4k textures.  I've played with other settings like "detail", tried baking with/without a high-poly mesh, and gone back over the tutorial again, but the same thing is happening.  Can you suggest what is going wrong? 

Hello, can anyone offer any advice? 

It's a bit frustrating that the files are not downloading from the tutorial page.  But are there any suggestions on what can be causing this issue? 

Is there any other info you need?  I'm using a Win 10 PC, all other apps etc currently working fine. 

Well, I don't quite know how but I'm not getting the issue any more.