Author Topic: 3d view material breakdown/channel display shader  (Read 24652 times)

This is a material breakdown shader for substance designer (for now work in all versions up to 2018.2). This thing allows to post your material breakdown on artstation straight from designer's 3d window as well as create beauty render with smart backround blurring:

 Here is the main features one by one:

1) Most material channels are supported, its presence in the breakdown shot is customized:

2) It's possible to replace normal channel with diffuse light term and specular lighting term respectively/disable default shading:

3)Breakdown stripe width could be fully customized , divider lines color/thickness is adjustable:

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4) Two backgound types is available: material breakdown and standard environment. It's possible to change backgound brightness and blend-in a custom color:

5) Two types of background blur is available - the first is bokeh-like blur, the second is lod based. The blur effects could be combined with each other:

6) Two logo render modes: the first projects logo onto the object in the viewport, the second one puts it on the screen, in this case placement of the logo does not constrained on object bounds - it could be placed everywere in the view3d screen.

The logo size and scale could be adjusted respectively so rectangle logo are allowed. its on-screen size doesn't depend on viewport size and material tiling value:

Little update
1) aa smooth for stripes
2) automatic lod calculation for background blur.

And finally a turntable maker both for parallax and tesselation modes:

This is awesome!

Thank you!