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Hi - hoping someone can help me.  Is there a way to batch convert materials from my Source material assets?  Running C4D with Redshift and have over 800 Substance materials that I would like to create C4D/Redshift presets for and don't want to do each one individually.  That would be brutal.


This is a solution that works fine for me and will convert your sbsar in Redshift materials in no time:
(please use a recent version of Redshift to have access to the "Conversion" options in Redshift).
(Use C4D R19 or R20 to have access to the "Load Substances From Folder" option)

1. Download all your sbsar from Substance Source.

2. Put them all in a folder.

3. Go to Pipeline tab > Substance Engine > clic on "Substance Asset Mananger..."

4. In the Substance Asset Mananger go to the File tab and clic on Load Substances From Folder...

5. Select the folder with all the sbsar and clic "OK".

6. It will load all your sbsar in the Substance Asset Mananger > select all the Substances.

7. Go to the Redshift tab > Materials > Conversion > clic on "Create Materials from Selected Substance Asset"
(REMINDER: This option is only available in the recent version of Redshift)

8. Wait until Redshift process and convert all your unlimited number of sbsar into Redshift Standard Material  8)

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Seems to work up to the point where C4D (R20) has to generate a preview for preset.  Just gives me a red dot (sphere) against a transparent background.  Not really helpful for a visual reference.  Is it normal for C4D to do this with Redshift material presets?

So I've been trying to make this work and am at a loss. 

Substance materials that are loaded into the substance manager and subsequently have C4D materials auto-populate all have a high gloss / reflection to them.  Materials that should be a flat matte finish are also high gloss. 

If I create materials from the Substances selected in the Substance Manager then they all become flat matte even if they should be high gloss / reflective (i.e. glass, water, metal, etc.). 

Can't seem to get things to work the way they should.  Basically this tells me that users aren't able to create proper Substance / Redshift presets in C4D.  I'd like to be wrong here.

Works fine on my side.

All the process is really heavy in GPU power.
You might want to convert materials 5 by 5.

All the all the specific material like glass/water... need to be rework in the shader graph, the convertion batch, will do the heavy lifting, you need to refine the shader on your side if you want good results.

Please contact Redshift team to see if there is a issue with your workstation configuration.
if you see a "substance_cache" next to the .c4d scene, that means the substance plugin works.
(You can also change some setting of the substance engine > Edit/Preferences.../Substance Engine)

Good luck

I also seem to be having an issue when I attempt to create presets from the generated materials and can't sort out why this is happening. 

If I have C4D set to auto generate materials when a substance is loaded, they are created just fine and can be dragged and dropped on the content browser where a tex folder (texture) and preset are created.  All is well.  When I manually create the materials from the selected Substance items the material is created however, dragging this material to the content browser in order to create a preset fails and renders a Red sphere thumbnail.  The preset is broken. 

I'm hoping that with Redshift now being owned by Maxon this entire process will be streamlined and corrected.  Super frustrating.

After much testing I seem to have hit a wall with creating Substance material presets in C4D.

Here are my findings so far...

Users can easily import substance materials via Substance Manager and C4D (using R20) is set to automatically generate materials from these.  The materials that are generated have issues however.  Metals are particularly affected by C4D's material generating process (see reference photo - materials on left side).  At best these materials are a loose interpretation of the original Substance material.  Again, these are the auto-generated materials.  The plus side to these auto-generated materials is that they can be dragged into the Content Browser and will successfully generate presets for later use where we have access to the Substance material settings. The preset creating process works here, however we're left with Substance material presets that don't look the way they should either in C4D or Redshift.

If we delete (or deactivate) the auto-generated materials upon importing Substance materials into Substance Manager, and instead choose to create materials via the Redshift Material Conversion process we see greater success in more accurately representing the original Substance material (see reference photo - materials on right side).  Metals look as they should.  Generally, the materials created in this way are accurate and work well.  That said, when they are dragged into the Content Browser in order to create a preset the process fails.  The thumbnail generated is simply a red sphere and the materials aren't usable.  I can't seem to find a way to create presets from the materials created by the Redshift Material Conversion process.

A fix for this may be somewhere in C4D's settings, but as a new user I'm at a loss to discover what it is.  My guess is that C4D / Redshift / Substance handle material parameters in significantly different ways, and the issue with metals in particular, is the result of this interpretation.

I have used the first preset creating process to generate over 850 of my Substance Source assets for quick access in C4D via the Content Browser.  If anyone has had success in creating presets from materials created via the Redshift Material Conversion process please share your findings and process here!

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Sorry to use this old thread, but maybe someone can help. I would like to use the presets in an sbsar file in C4D. I know that they can be selected in Substance Painter, but I don't see how to chose them in C4D. Is it possible at all?

It is possible to use the presets of a Substance material in C4D, as well as create new ones.

This option can be found in the normal Cinema 4D Material Editor selection menu, as shown in the screenshot below

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