Author Topic: Substance in 3ds Max 2.2.0  (Read 17824 times)

Please compile it for 3DS Max 2016 too.
I'm limited to 3DS Max 2016 only, I know there's a legacy substance plugin available but it doesn't support 4k textures.

Plugin Still does not work correctly.
Tested  v2.2 in Max 2019. When a material is loaded, no nodes are exposed. Tried multiple materials.
Tried GPU and CPU and still no nodes.
When "Show all additional parameters" is enabled in Right-Click menu the correct channel are displayed but no output nodes are available.
Others in the forum are having the same problem.
Test v2.1. 1in Max 2018 and nodes "are" exposed.

Hi, dear Allegorithmic team =)

Please add Substance support for FStorm render in 3ds Max.
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Same issue 3ds max 2020 plugin change unexpected material colors when rendering, in material editor looks fine.