Author Topic: Presets don't match: Substance Source PBR Material - Presets don't look the same  (Read 2010 times)

On your Substance Source Page, you are showing PBR Materials that can be downloaded with different Presets.

I am using the plugin "Substance to Vray" - to create the PBR Materials & Presets.
The Script generates the nodes and I am getting a Vray Shader.
However, the material looks different then the one you post on your online website.

None of the presets looks like the presets, that are shown on your Substance Source Page.
After downloading, I can load different presets... but they do not look at all like the Presets shown within your Substance Source Library.

Please see image below.
Material Name: Inclined Lumber Tiles

The result shows, that the procedural wood texture for the base color & difuse slot is not generated.

Please let me know:
a) Could you re-produce that issue?
b) How to fix that issue?
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Hi teaguevr,

Thank you for giving us the information to reproduce this. As the asset is fairly new on Source, I think it likely was authored with newer features. We're finalizing an update which will include compatibility up to Designer 2019.1. I'll test this one to ensure that this will fix it.

I think the fix will need to be on our end and not your end, so if you wait a small bit of time for us to finalize the next release, then it should work.

Even after this is fixed, it will likely look slightly different than what is on Source. Source doesn't use VRay to render its assets, and the lighting will be different.

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Hi Galen!

thank you for your reply. Well, I am aware of the lighting difference.
But this is not about the lighting or what Raytracer you use - it's about the plugin that creates the nodes and assembles the shader network.

I am assuming this is the mismatch.

One more thing:
I am running into a similar issue when using the materials from your library directly in Unreal.
But in Unreal, it creates the difuse pattern and everything else. But unfortunately, it does NOT create any height.

There is no displacement so to speak. And therefore, the materials and their nodes are mot matching with the presets from your library.

I am not sure if it's possible to just use a Substance Material on it's own in Max, or Unreal.
So far I just followed your Video Tutorials, that shows the process for max and Vray --> using your plugin.

And unfortunately, for Unreal.. I haven't seen one yet that shows the process from loading a material from the library and assigning it to the selected geometry.

I installed all plugins.. but every plugin seems to have bugs.

ps: I watched this one..
but also didn't answer & fix the Unreal height problem.

you can find the other post about the Unreal Problem here:,29248.0.html

I tested in the next version, it looks like updating the Substance Engine will let it render correctly in 3ds Max. This should be released soon, we're finishing up on it.
Software Engineer, Integrations
Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries