Author Topic: Tile Sampler icicles not showing up in CPU engine  (Read 1033 times)

I am using Tile Sampler to put some icicles in my frozen wall.
Otherwise the result is perfect but the icicles don't show up in SSE engine or Marmoset Toolbag.
What am I doing wrong?

hey, do you mind sharing the sbs?

I sent you DM

ok, please work in relative to parent, and set the parent size in the graph (no need to crank up directly to 4k)
the tile sampler seems indeed to cause problem in SSE: it works with a tile generator.

The integration in Toolbag may be outdated, so this may be an issue as well.


Oh right of course I always work with relative to parent, just forgot to switch that before sending.
It is strange that the earlier instance of the tile sampler does work properly, the frozen grass things are done using that.