Author Topic: Overwriting or replacing normal maps from previous layers  (Read 333 times)

I have a model that I've applied numerous layered materials with normal maps in them and i want to have a new layer flatten out or override the combined normal maps. 

For example, I have layers with skin textures, scars etc that are applied to the whole model, and i want to create a new layer for the characters teeth.  I can easily overwrite the diffuse map but the normal map is the combined maps of all the previous layers regardless of the blending mode i set it to.  I've even tried adding a separate fill layer with a flat normal map (.5,.5,1) and set the blending mode to replace, as well as every other blending mode that's listed.  Not matter what i do the normal map from the skin texture and previous layers is affecting the still teeth layer. So i end up with a model that has bumpy teeth.

I know i could create a mask and mask out each one of previous layers but that seems like a lot of work for something that should be simple to do. Especially when their are a lot of layers.

Makes sure you also change the blending mode for the height channel, since it's converted to normal data as well, that's probably what you are seeing.

Ok that did the trick. I had the blending mode for the height channel set to linear add instead of replace.