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Not sure, what I am doing wrong... I am unable to find a good "make tile" solution in designer

I have never been able to make sense of the "make tile photo" nodes (as pointed out in the thread linked below, even the horizontal and vertical values seem to be messed up)

and the "smart auto tile" node doesn't work for me either:
with the default settings, the "smart auto tile" node changes the "size" of my input height, but I just want to work along the edges to remove some seams - also, why don't we have numeric values for this transform?

since making stuff tile is such a common task, I was wondering, if there are any tutorials about this, or any advice

thanks, Michael

another thread about this:,26352.msg110763.html#msg110763
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Hello Michael,

Thank you for reaching out to us with this issue.

First, please note your remarks about the 'Horizontal' and 'Vertical' labelling in the 'Make It Tile' nodes parameters will be brought to the development team for discussion.
Please note these nodes will have an effect at the centre of each of the input's borders, even with the 'Mask Size' parameters set to 0, as the icon suggest.

Below, the difference between a 'Make It Tile Photo' node (with its 'Mask Size' parameters set to 0) and its input is made clear.

Now, regarding your issues with the tiling nodes, and Smart Auto Tile in particular, referring to the official documentation might help shed some light on the way to make the most of these tools:
In order to get more precise in your seam removal process, you can use masks to control where to apply these nodes' effect. The 'Smart Auto Tile' node includes a masking functionality, or you can use a simple 'Blend' node.

With these nodes, users can choose the most appropriate approach to meet their specific needs. This being said, the available tools can always be improved, and we are happy to hear your suggestions for improving the Tiling tools in Substance Designer.

We hope this was helpful and informative. Feel free to get back to us if you need further assistance.

Best regards,
Luca Giarrizzo
QA Analyst
Substance Designer Team

thanks for your reply, Luca

adding a mask is a good idea

I added a gif showing, what smart auto tile does with the default settings - I am having a hard time making sense of what is going on here
for one, I would assume the smart auto tile node to primarily affect the borders
secondly, I don't understand, how that transform is supposed to work and why it doesn't have any numeric values in the instance parameters window
basically, if I wouldn't want to affect the center of my image/texture, how would I do that?

generally speaking, I have to say, that all of the make tile nodes are very counter-intuitive.

I will try putting together a make tile node myself, or at least sketch up something, and then share it here