Author Topic: Your Favorite Atomic Nodes  (Read 763 times)

I am brand new to substance designer and I am pretty excited to learn how to author my own materials, so I wanted to drop by the community and ask all of you as a whole about some of your experiences working with the application so far; I am hoping some of you may have some tips you picked up over the years that might help expedite the new learning curve I am getting myself into.

For example, I am curious which nodes can be used to create base shapes for things like grass and rocks and which nodes are best for distorting those shapes to reach the desired effect; I am open to reading about all of your personal discoveries if you've the interest in sharing with me!


hey, my first advice would be to look at the Substance Academy toturials, if not done yet.

some always useful nodes: blend, tile sampler, non uniform directional warp, cloud 2... just explore and watch tutos ;)


thanks for taking the time to reply! I did in fact start watching the tutorials here at the academy and it turns out they are some of the best instructional videos I have ever seen; the tutor does a pretty impressive job covering every aspect of the UI.

Kudos to @Wes McDermott for this ;-)