Author Topic: Automatic Autosave Restoration  (Read 3066 times)

Something that would really help your users is an automatic file copy of the most recent autosave after a crash. When Substance Designer opens after a crash, it should compare the most recent autosave time stamps to the primary related files of everything that was open during the crash. Then a second dialog can appear, asking the user if they want to replace those files with the more recent one. If the user chooses yes, Designer can move the primary files to the recycling bin (or copy them to an autosave instance file), then copy the more recent autosave versions into their place.

Some users probably don't even realize they can regain lost progress by restoring these files after a crash. Others may not be computer proficient enough to compare the time stamp to see which is more recent (their file or the autosave). And then there are those who know how, but still find it a chore. Especially right after losing progress to a crash (or power failure). This feature would help everyone.