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Hey there everybody :)

Thought I'd share some of my recently finished pieces using Substance Painter and Designer. The shown furniture pieces are for an Oculus Rift Project using Unity 5 (currently in beta). I am having a good time with version 1.0 of Painter so far! Videos of the models can be seen here:

Globe Oil Lamp:  CLICK TO WATCH

Hallway Table: CLICK TO WATCH

Round Table:  CLICK TO WATCH

looking really nice - like the hallway table most !


Thanks! Each and every piece was carefully designed before I started the actual modelling process using Maya LT. Everything has to look consistent in style so that's why we are going the extra mile. It's fun seeing it come together from 2D Design to finished 3D piece. Below are the concepts/designs for each piece. There are plenty more in the works currently.

Nice design! It looks very delicate.

Looking very good Thomas!
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Hey there Käy.Vriend and Sebastien Deguy! Appreciate your comments and looking at my work! Glad you like it! I am having a great time with Painter/Designer. Really looking forward to future updates and feature additions!

Here is another model done...

VIDEO LINK:  Door Model

this looks amazing! Do you mind sharing how did you use SD in this project?


I´d recommend posting the images without the painter interface. Btw: Is there any hotkey in Painter to switch the viewport to fullscreen?

this looks amazing! Do you mind sharing how did you use SD in this project?


Thanks mate. SD was used to bake Curvature, AO, etc maps which I then exported to be used in Painter.

@michael_11 - There is currently no way to make a window fullscreen. All one can do is tear off the viewport and move it to another screen if you have a dual monitor setup.
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