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Hi there,

I just downloaded the latest version of Substance Designer (Substance_Designer-2019.1.1-2320-linux-x64-standard-full.rpm) package with a Student license and I am trying to install it on my Kali Linux (Debian based) computer.

I followed the steps :

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$ sudo alien --scripts Substance_Designer-2019.1.1-2320-linux-x64-standard-full.rpm  //OK!
$ sudo dpkg -i substance-designer_2019.1.1-2_amd64.deb  //OK!

It's working because I have :

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$ dpkg --list | grep substance
ii  substance-designer                       2019.1.1-2                           amd64        Material Authoring Software

Now, on this topic (, they use the command :

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$ sudo Substance_Designer  *
But there's no such command. Plus, I can't see any applications like substance in my app menu.
So where is the application located?



You are using a wrong command, try : $ substancedesigner
Then check you have substancedesigner in /usr/local/bin
QA Analyst


Thanks for your answer, though I don't have any command like substancedesigner because there's nothing in /usr/local/bin.

Have a great day

Please, do someone have a solution to my problem?
Is anyone running Substance Designer on Debian/ Linux?