Author Topic: Substance Painter to 3ds max Vray render  (Read 1273 times)

Hello, Does anyone could say my mistake? Substance painter screen is what I want to see in vray after render but there is huge differences as details.?

I used PBR metal rough preset then export as vray

I tried to share spp. file in dropbox but its 500 mb

I really need your help pls :(

The difference could simply be in the type of environment map you use in both tools. If you have a nearly uniform environment in Vray, you will see almost no roughness variation on your axe, as these are caused by the reflection of the environment map around it.

Thanks jeremie It works and I understand. But turbosquid request presentation render as white (247 rgb) background. Is there any way?

You could use a different env map for the rendering and replace the background later on in Photoshop.