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I cannot move forward with my material because I have nodes that will not make a connection that should. If I make a new node, It will connect, however, THAT node now will not connect to another preexisting node.

Has anyone else run into this and how do I fix it?



Thank you for reaching out to us and providing these details.

In order for us to investigate this issue further, please provide the SBS file the problem appears in, along with its dependencies.

To easily do this, go to the ‘Explorer’ panel in Substance Designer, then right-click on your Package and select ‘Export with dependencies…’. We recommend checking the option ‘Build archive’ in order to create a ZIP file for simple transfer (see attached GIF).
You can attach this archive to a reply to this message, or provide a link for easy download.

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You are probably using the wrong connection mode, try switching to "Standard"

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Thank you for the responses. I am using standard connection mode. I am attaching the sbs file as requested. I just updated designer also.

So the explanation is simple: you are trying to make a loop:
Product Manager - Allegorithmic