Author Topic: How to move (offset) a mask?  (Read 828 times)


I've got a problem that seems simple, but unfortunatelly i haven't found anwser in google.

On a picture I have old and new model of a castle.
After reimporting model, mask on some layers seems to be in different places.

Is there a way to move (offset) a mask, like how you can offset a texture to fit it in a certain place on model?
(I checked UV's, they are pretty the same, problem occures only with some layers.)

Thanks in advance,

Yay, I found the anwser!

I exported old mask to file. Then i right-clicked on new mask and choose "add bitmap mask". It created mask and automaticly added fill that have same options as a texture - for example UV scale, UV offset, UV rotation.

Hope that someone find it as usefull as I do!

Cheers :)