Author Topic: Substance Materials have no height!  (Read 1053 times)

After downloading and assigning Substance Materials to my objects, I have no height assigned.
No displacement, etc.

Do you have to activate anything additional to make this work?
I am just downloading Substance Materials from the Library and assign it directly to a geometry.

But no displacement or height map is working.
Therefore, all materials look different and don't match the renders from your library.

See the simply example attached below:
Substance Material: Inclined Lumber Tiles

How to fix that?

I just looked deeper into that issue.
It looks like that the nodes are not built correctly.

The Displacement is missing.

Do you have an estimate when this is going to be fixed?
Would be highly appreciated if the Materials in your Library are at the end built correctly!

In UE4, or 3dsmax, etc.

Thanks a lot and keep rocking!