Author Topic: trying to recreate this pattern...  (Read 545 times)

I'm trying to recreate the spot pattern of this amazing sea creature called the Oarfish.  The spots seem are not entirely random, and I am having a hard time just using something like tile random/sampler to get this effect.  Sorry for the low quality images, finding good reference has been a challenge.

Ive come up with something but its not great, and I have seen people come up with amazing/unusual ideas on this forusm so I thought I'd give it a shot!

What I would like to recreate in particular is that the spots are not overlapping, there is somewhat even spacing between them  and they seem to be arranged by size (hard to explain, but you can see the very large/long spots are far from each other, then there is medium sized spots, and then little ones all over the place filling up all the empty space)
They also don't seem to be completely random, almost like there is a vertical alignment to them if you get what I mean?

I'd love to see how differently people tackle this pattern! (and learn!)