Author Topic: Non-metal material appears metal when there is under metal material.  (Read 541 times)

Hi everyone ! I hope you like the word "metal" because I'm going to use it a lot  :D

I have encountered a problem when texturing an asset in SP :

My crane has a first coat of a basic metal and a second layer on top of this metal which is NON-metal.

but, when disabling entirely the metal channel of this coat Non-metal, the aspect looks like exactly the same when I'm enabling the metal channel and set it to 1.
I don't get the logic of this ! if I disable the metal channel of this paint coat, it should be non metal by default but the aspect of the material show the opposite of that !

it is sure that it's because of the first coat of metal material under the paint coat, but I checked my fusion mode of my layers and it's all set to "Normal", so basically they sould not have influences on each other, right ?

Thanks !

It's hard to say exactly what is happening without a lot more details about how your layer stack is setup. Be aware of the following :
- Disabling a channel on a fill layer will make it empty/transparent, so the metallic channel will be based on the layer below.
- Some blending modes can override the content of the channel set by previous layers, see :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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