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I'm not sure what these little dot connectors are called that you create by dragging while holding Shift + Alt, but I will call them link joints. There is an issue related to these when using box selections (drag select).

Typically, when you box select multiple joints, they can be in one of two states - either their associated links are "on top" of them (the link is drawn over top of the joint), or "underneath" them (the link is drawn under the joint). I can't say for certain, but the determination of which state each one ends up in when it becomes box selected seems random, or at least difficult to understand. But when the link is in the "on top" state where it is drawn over top of the joint, the joint becomes impossible to hover with the mouse anymore, and therefore, cannot be moved around or such. Unfortunately, it seems that they end up in this state the majority of the time, and the only way to select and drag multiple joints is to temporary select an unrelated nearby node, and drag it with them, then drag the node back where it was afterward.

Once in a while, a link ends up in the "underneath" state, which allows it to be hovered by the mouse even while it is selected along with other joints. This allows easy, user-friendly dragging of multiple joints to reposition them, which is what one would expect. This situation needs fixed so that joints are always in this state when they are selected.

To reproduce the issue, just box select multiple link joints and try to drag them around. If you get the same outcome I do, then most of them will show their corresponding links over top of them. Notice that when you hover the joints with your mouse, only the ones that have the link under them will show the cursor-hover outline. The others are "in the background" and cannot be interacted with.

Example image:

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Hello CodeRunner,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

We appreciate you taking the time to provide detailed information and steps to reproduce this issue. I could consistently reproduce it and this problem will be further looked into by the development team.
For your information, this 'joint' rerouting object is referred to in code as the 'Connection Splitter'.

To follow up on fixes implemented in the next releases of Substance Designer, you can refer to the release notes available here.

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