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Hello friends
I have trouble with a Substance Painter API. I draw icons of textures from a shader. For this reason, I get a current texture set material instance and get texture URL from the shader slots. But, for my observations, when I try to draw texture which has not yet was a load (I mean, shelf not completely load)  Substance - crashed.
A log of a scene, not completely informative, because after crash Substance write:
"[INFO] <Qt> "[DBG INFO][GenericMaterial]" "Creation of the shader TEST_SHADER successful"
Crash case:
  • right after substance start with custom shader take try to create new texture set
  • right after substance start try to switch between texture set
  • fast switching between texture set

Last Edit: April 23, 2020, 02:57:40 pm

I have localized that problem: a program crashes when I send the URL address of bad resource in QML Image. For example, I send a URL of an image from Substance, but that image does not exist on disk.
Log example:
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[WARN] <Qt> QBuffer::seek: Invalid pos: 522
[ ERR] <ResourceImage> Failed decode image 'file:///C:/Users/------------/AppData/Local/Temp/SubstancePainter-Tmp-nxLiSJ/resources-orphanage.OydXir/resources/6c329bcf5a4bdb2d274a449440410663f7ace64b.image': Couldn't determine data format