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Really not wanting to add Substance Designer to my work flow, it's just getting to be too much.  I have Substance Painter and Bitmap2Material.  I do a bit of work for the Poser/DAZ Studio industry and really need to keep my tools and workflow as minimal as possible or I get to confused!  :-[ 

So watching the tutorials about Substance Painter from y'alls YouTube channel there is that cool way to make the stitches instantly masked.  I like that but it's because there is an ID which makes that happen. 

So is there any other way to make an ID rather than adding yet another expensive tool to my toolbox that will take me forever and a day to learn?  If so can someone explain how?  Other tools I use are ZBrush, Photoshop, Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro and DAZ Studio and have others too but those are the main ones I use to produce with.  Running Windows 8.1

Thanks much

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You can bake ID maps from ZBrush, probably using this method after applying plain colors to the differnt parts of your meshes:

This is awesome.  Thanks so much Jeremie!  ;D
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Ah, the tutorial is over 5 years old.  Seems in the comments area folks are complaining that it's not working in the current version of ZBrush! 
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Will this work?  What is the naming convention on this sort of file? 

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also, if you didnt want to create an ID mask, your layout is simple enough just to create layer masks in Painter.

Well the poet shirt is just one of 8 pieces in the set but I'm doing them all separately.  So the above image is good enough?? 

Again, is there a naming convention I need to follow like "PoetShirt_ID.jpg" or something for it to be properly recognized for that it is??  I wanna learn this correctly now so it stays in the brain!  lol  :P
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No there is no specific naming convention, you can assign manually the texture to the ID map slot in the document settings.

OK.  Just during one of the tutorial vids there was a mentioning of naming conventions for the maps like bump, specular and so forth for the program to assign them to the correct slots so just thought there may be one for the ID map too. 
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there is no naming convention for material id maps. If you name it, it is just for organisation purposes. For a quick ID map, export all of your high res subtools and load them into xnormal for processing. Once you are ready, go into baking tools and click the check box for Base Colour Texture. When you bake it, you will get tons of colours to pick from. Then in painter, use the id selector and pick the colours you want.

Never used X-Normal.  I'm downloading the newest version.  I remember the interface looking very old school with the weird sort of "Winamp" interface design which is a bit off putting. 
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