Author Topic: Bitmap2Material and 3ds max 2014  (Read 4313 times)

I bougth bitmap2material for 3dsmax it's been a few weeks and still could't use it because the maps it generates are very bright.The diffuse is OK, but the others,(like normal, bump,specular...),are very brigth and don't give nice results on materials. The ones I make in pixplant or even in substance player look much better.I've tryied everything but couldn't make it rigth.Maybe something very simple that I'm missing?As I said before, when I use it in substance player it works fine, the color of the maps are fine and I can get nice materials, but not in max.
The thing is that I really wanted to use inside max, that's why I bought it, to be a time saver.
I appreciate some help with this issue.

This is probably a gamma issue, as substance outputs are not gamma corrected in 3dsMax by default, you will have to either deactivate the gamma if you don't need it, or apply a gamma correction to the B2M outputs using an "output" node in slate before plugging them to your materials.