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I'm looking for 3ds max tutorials for bitmap2material and was wondering if someone here can point out some. Preferably with 3ds Max 2014 but not essential.

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Well, maybe you could be a bit more specific...

Do you need a 3d modeling tutorial? Or unwrapping? Do you know how to bake normal maps?

If its only for using substances in max, then you can either export your substance as bitmaps or use them with a specific node in max' own shader editor.

HI xXm0Rph3usXx

I'm not sure if I can be any more specific. Like I said in the first post, I am looking for 3DS max tutorials for Bitmap2Material. Bitmap2material only involves materials as far as I am aware. It does not make models and does not unwrap anything.  :)

I am so sorry, i totally misread it... I meant to help you with the Substance Designer :O

Did you see this yet?

G'day mate :)

No worries, I did see that video on youtube and have since downloaded it so I can view it at my leisure. I'll go over it again and see what I can see :)