Author Topic: Substance 2017 is now "out of date"? I can't open substance source .sbs files?  (Read 1513 times)

Substance 2017 is now "out of date"? I can't open substance source .sbs files?

Two years after paying for the software it is now obsolete, is this correct?

I still have 256 points on substance source that are also obsolete, is this correct?

Is there some way to not get ripped off?

I'm not rich. I can't just pay and pay and pay and pay.

I mean I had Quixel Suite and look where that got me.

Adobe are really pushing out the little guy aren't they.

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Could you please give some context on your issue? What do you mean by "2017 is out of date"?
Some Substances on Source were built using new functionality that was introduced in more recent versions of Substance Designer so you may not be able to edit these, but you should still be able to open most of the .sbs files on Source.

Context for app:
"Application is too old to open url" error.

I'd like to know which Substances can be opened in older versions because I'd like to edit them, especially skins for aliens and learn how to make my own. Wasting points on Substances from Source that I can't edit is something I'd like to avoid. If I have missed some indication of backwards compatibility somewhere, I apologise. Limited editing of Substances on Source isn't as useful, only variations on a theme that might not be quite right (unless I'm missing something? A hidden node editor, perhaps?).

Context for rant:
I'm a student who has been using my allowance to buy cheap and "on special" (indie versions, not student) software. Now my student days are finishing, and as I come to use the software I have purchased I find that so many of my bigger purchases are now obsolete, if not unusable. Adobe is behind two of the biggest regrets. Don't get me started on the Unity Asset Store. It seems that offereng a discount for software on the indie bandwagon is a precursor to a cash grab, before rolling out a newer version. Not pointing fingers at you specifically.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi @brovodo

We often do updates on the .sbs format (we add data, or change the way the data is saved in the file etc.), and to make sure everything works properly the file contains a number of file which corresponds to the version it was created in.

However it is possible that the sbs file created in a newer version could still work in your older version of Substance Designer.
You can try editing the version number of the file by editing the text file via a text editor, and see if it works.
To know which version number corresponds to your SD version you can open a .sbs you have created with this version of the tool.
You'll have to change those two attributes in the text, at the start of the file:
<formatVersion v=""/><updaterVersion v=""/>

I hope it works!
PO @ Allegorithmic

Thank you, I'll try that.