Author Topic: Input placeholders from parent graph?  (Read 1573 times)

Similar to how we can use bitmaps as temporary placeholders for input nodes, we should also be able to use data from other loaded graphs. I'm hoping this feature already exists and I just haven't figured out how to activate it. If not, something that really needs added is the ability to generate placeholders for all inputs of a graph when that graph is "referenced by a loaded graph".

So, for example, if I insert graph "child" into another graph, "parent", then connect 5 inputs to child from parent's nodes - when I use "open reference" on the child node, it should automatically associate those 5 inputs from parent to the child node, so that all of its inputs are synced to the parent node graph. If not automatically, then at least through some type of command.

If this is currently possible, please let me know how!

They actually introduced this feature just a few months back!
First turn on 'enable graph editing in context' in Preferences>Graph.
Then when you right click a child node in your graph you can select 'open reference in context'.

However, this does seem to be more resource demanding. I usually have the feature turned off as it causes some lag on my laptop.

Awesome, thanks! I thought I remembered reading about it somewhere.

So I'm officially changing my feature request to optimize this feature, since it is a crucial concept. Maybe generate temporary bitmaps in the background when the context graph is loaded? It would take some time and memory to activate it, but then no lag afterward. Or maybe add this as a "static context mode" option.

Actually, I believe you guys can optimize this without switching to a static system. If you think about it, its not much different than having all of the nodes (of parent and child graphs) in a single graph. So if you attempt to deal with this situation as if all of the related nodes belong to a single graph, it shouldn't be any more performance loss than working on a large graph. Probably a lot easier said than done, but I have hope!
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