Author Topic: What is "sensitive content"?  (Read 1225 times)

What is "sensitive content"?

Because if it is what I think it is, which is political correctness
gone haywire, then you might want to think about it from the
perspective of the people with those actual skin conditions and what
you are telling them about their conditions.

As in "what is on your face is so hideous we have to create a safe
space for sensitive individuals who can't bear to look at a simulation
of it. By the way here's a decaying zombie as a banner, which isn't
anywhere near as gross as you".

Also, it's really annoying to have to hover over something to see it.

This is more about catering to different industries and people. As a car designer or architect for example, coming on Source for the first time and seeing balls of flesh may not be the most appealing sight :)
We're looking into making this optional.

Understood, thanks for the reply.