Author Topic: Mesh map association  (Read 133 times)

So I just figured out how the bakers work in Designer, and I was wondering if there is any type of automatic association that can be done, similar to how Painter works.

For example, is there any way to create a smart filter that automatically makes use of a curvature map when one is available, without having to manually place the baked curviture onto the graph as a bitmap and plugging it into the filter?

If not, a great feature to have would be some type of "mesh information" connector, either manual or automatic (preferably automatic), that a sub-graph could use to associate any mesh maps with, such as curvature, position, AO, etc.

Designer has a more open (advanced) work-flow than Painter when it comes to features and control, but Painter still wins out because of its automatic association, which allows lazy (productive) features like smart materials.

We need this in Designer!