Author Topic: Cross element baking options  (Read 188 times)

Currently, we have to decide as a single global choice to have the bakers separate objects based on IDs or to deal with them all at once, but there are many situations where it makes sense to do one thing on one map and the opposite on another.

For example, any type of furniture that has multiple elements (metal and wood) attached to each other with nails or such. We definitely want our AO to spread between the elements (so the metal and wood influence each other), but we don't want our normal map to get mixed up and confused where the elements are touching (the reason the explosion options are there to begin with).

Currently, a user must bake multiple times, changing the options in between, which works well enough for now. But it would be really nice to have a checkbox (per map) to make this happen automatically.

Geez, I found the "Self Occlusion" option for AO to do exactly this thing, even when the mesh is split up, so my example was a really bad one. However, the option to split or not split, per map, would still be very useful :)