Author Topic: Dark textures being generated in Unity 2018  (Read 1047 times)


I've been building a .sbsar file that I want to use in the Unity editor. For some reason the textures that are being generated are dark than those exported directly from Substance Designer.

I have tried everything I can think of. I've created a new Unity project, reinstalled the integration, switched between linear and gamma, created a completely blank Unlit shader. Sadly no luck. Anyone have any suggestions to what this could be?



They aren't metallic, are they? If you have any metallic materials in Unity, they'll look great in Substance, but you'll need a put a reflection probe near them in Unity, otherwise they'll just be mostly black.

I'm using an unlit shader so it's just a diffuse texture without lighting :)

If you're able to share it, attach your SBSAR here and I'm happy to see if I get the same issue with it.

I soved it. To anyone having a similar issue. If you are using the Gradient (Dynamic) Node, make sure you use a gradient larger than 16px vertically. I have an idea that it might be the compression that darken the pixels towards the edge.