Author Topic: [SOLVED] SD height scale vs Redshift Heightmap scale value  (Read 460 times)

I am testing a render with maps created from Substance Designer using Houdini Redshift.
The Image 1 is a screenshot of Substance Designer and the image 2 is a screenshot of Houdini render.

My questions are

1. They are using the same scale value "1" but I cannot understand why I have such a drastic difference between two images. Can anyone explain me why?

2.  How should I deal with this issue?  I can match shape of geo pretty close by changing scale value on both programs but I want to make a better pipeline for myself. I do not want to talking to myself '...well this is close enough so chillax dude...'

If I am uploading a topic already solved, I apologize in advanced but couldn't find close one.

Anyway, thank you!

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The plane (and all the other primitives) is 100 units large. So a height scale of 1 will displace the geometry of 1% its length.
I assume your plane in Houdini is 1 unit large, so the displacement intensity is relatively higher.
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The displacement intensity is too high

Thank you brianq!

Thank you Nicolas! Yes, my grid size was 10X10 and both of them started to match as soon as I changed to 100. (image attached) I had no idea that primitives have 100 unit. Really helpful information and very clear now. Really appreciate!